3.6.1 Timescales in a battle

The large-scale battle system in Age of Magic has been designed to be able to cope with a wide range of different battle situations. At the smallest scale, it can cope with a large skirmish, where each individual combatant is critical. At the largest scale, it can cope with a vast siege involving thousands of combatants.

Smaller battles tend to resolve faster than larger battles. The Age of Magic battle system allows for this by using a flexible time unit, the battle turn. The battle will be resolved in battle turns; each battle turn, the commanders issue orders to troops and casualties are resolved.

The time duration of a battle turn depends on the nature and scale of the battle in question, as follows:

Nature of battle Scale of battle (i.e. number of combatants on each side) Duration of each battle turn
Open battle Large skirmish (20 - 50) 1 minute
Small battle (50 - 500) 10 minutes
Large battle (More than 500) 1 hour
Siege More than 20 1 day