1.11.3 Phobias

As part of his/her personality, a character may have an irrational fear of some situation or object. If this is the case, the character will try and avoid the situation or object. If he/she ends up in the situation or in close proximity to the object, he/she will have to make dice rolls against his/her WP+Trance to avoid succumbing to his/her fear.

The character points value depend on how common the situation or object that causes the phobia is:

Frequency of occurance cps value
Rarely (less than 10% of adventures) -1
Infrequently (approximately 20% of adventures) -2
Frequently (about 50% of adventures) -3
All the time (100% of adventures) -4

Just how bad the phobia is, will also affect the character points award:

Severity of phobia (and typical dice roll difficulties) multiplier
Irrational fear (-3 to 3, depending on circumstance) x 1
Minor phobia (2 to 9, depending on circumstance) x 2
Major phobia (6 to 14, depending on circumstance) x 3

Examples of possible phobias include:

Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) Frequent
Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) Frequent
Acrophobia (fear of heights) Frequent
Fear of the dark All the time
Fear of dogs Frequent
Fear of cats Infrequent
Fear of insects Infrequent
Fear of people All the time
Fear of fire Frequent
Fear of all magic Frequent
Fear of water (i.e. fear of drowning) Infrequent
Fear of snakes Rare