2.58.2 Resisting currents

A character can resist being swept away by a current, if his/her dice roll result against ST + Swimming (including Swimming strength/Resisting currents specialisms) is greater than or equal to a difficulty value, based on the current strength.

Typical difficulties vary as follows:

Situation Typical difficulty
Gentle current (e.g. slow river) 2 or lower
Quite strong current (e.g. normal river, normal sea) 3-5
Strong current (e.g. minor ocean current, tidal flow in estuary) 6-10
Very strong current (e.g. fast-flowing river, major ocean current, rip tides) 11-16
Irresistible current (e.g. mountain torrent) 17 or more

A character who fails the dice roll will be carried along by the current.