4.1.9 Area of effect

The area of effect of an enchantment determines how big an area is affected by the enchantment.

The minimum value that can be given to the Area of effect of an enchantment is zero.

The magician casting an enchantment should define the enchantment's effects as being either:

The amount added to the difficulty of the enchantment depends on the Area level chosen and whether the enchantment's effects are lasting or reducing over the area:

Area level Lasting over area Reducing over area
Single target - no area 0 0
1 metre diameter [1 combat hex] 1 1
3 metre diameter [2 combat hex radius, i.e. 7 combat hexes in total] 2 1 1/2
7 metre diameter [4 combat hex radius] 3 2
15 metre diameter [8 combat hex radius] 4 2 1/2
30 metre diameter [15 combat hex radius] 5 3
100 metre diameter 6 3 1/2
300 metre diameter 7 4
1 kilometre diameter 8 4 1/2
10 kilometre diameter 9 5
100 kilometre diameter 10 6

In addition, the caster may optionally choose to make the area of effect selective, i.e. choose that certain targets within the area are unaffected whereas others are affected. If the caster can specify a simple criterion for this selectivity (e.g. affects everyone except those wearing Imperial Guards uniform) the difficulty is increased by +1; otherwise, if the caster can choose exactly who within the area is and is not affected on an individual basis, the difficulty is increased by +2.

The following diagram shows two alternative area of effect enchantments, both with Power 5 and Area of effect difficulty 2. In the first case (on the left), the enchantment is lasting over the area; in the second case (on the right), the enchantment is reducing over the area.

Area of effect enchantments illustration