1.4 Starting cp value

When the referee okays a character concept, he/she will tell the player what starting cp value to use for the character. The starting cp value (plus any background bonuses) represents the limit on the total character point (cp) value of all the character's attributes.

Based on the starting cp value, there will be a limit on:

The referee decides the starting cp values and limits. Usually, the starting cp value will depend on the campaign level that the referee wants to run, as follows:

Campaign level Starting cp value Maximum total cps on characteristics Maximum # of optional talents Maximum "extra" cps on any single skill
Low - Characters are about the same as normal people 10 6

(av. CS = +1/2)

1 1
Average - Characters are slightly better than normal characters 25 12

(av. CS = +1)

2 2
Heroic - Characters are major heroic figures, very much better than normal characters 50 24

(av. CS = +2)

4 4
Superheroic - Characters are superheroes, able to routinely do things that normal humans would find virtually impossible 75 36

(av. CS = +3)

6 6
Demigod - Characters are almost god-like in the amount of power they wield 100 No limit No limit No limit

The referee may choose to give a player a higher starting cp value, for a number of possible reasons:

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