4.3.1 Situational modifiers

Depending on the magical skill used to cast magic and the caster's location and situation, there may be modifiers to the casting dice roll.

All magical skills are affected by the strength of magic in the area as follows:

Situation Modifier to all magic
Place of power (e.g. stone circle or temple where great magic has occurred in the past) +2
Magic rich area (e.g. remote or wilderness areas inhabited by magical creatures) +1
Normal (e.g. countryside inhabited by humans) +0
Magic poor areas (e.g. areas heavily populated by humans with relatively rare magic) -1
Magic drained areas (e.g. places where great magic went terribly wrong in the past or unusual situations far from magic such as a technological alternate dimension) -2

A character with latent or active magic talent will be able to sense the strength of magic in his/her immediate vicinity.

In addition, the eight "elemental" magical skills are affected by situation as follows:


Situation Modifier to Fire magic Modifier to Water magic
Immersed in a large body of water (i.e. underwater) -3 +3
In contact with a large body of water (e.g. swimming on surface, in boat) -2 +2
In mist, fog or rain -1 +1
Normal +0 +0
In hot arid conditions on land (e.g. desert) +1 -1
Close to a large fire (e.g. campfire) +2 -2
Immersed in a large fire (e.g. campfire) +3 -3


Situation Modifier to Earth magic Modifier to Air magic
Flying in the sky -3 +3
On a mountain top or similar location -2 +2
On a very windy day (e.g. storm conditions) -1 +1
Normal +0 +0
On a very calm day (e.g. not even a gentle breeze) +1 -1
Partially enclosed by earth/plants (e.g. in a forest) +2 -2
Fully enclosed by earth/plants (e.g. in a cave, in dense jungle, etc.) +3 -3


Situation Modifier to Light magic Modifier to Darkness magic
In strong magical darkness -3 +3
In normal darkness (e.g. overcast night) -2 +2
In normal darkness with some light sources (e.g. clear night with full moon and stars, under torch-light, etc.) -1 +1
At dawn or dusk +0 +0
In natural light (e.g. an overcast day) +1 -1
In bright sunshine +2 -2
In strong magical light +3 -3


Situation Modifier to Life magic Modifier to Death magic
If many humanoids have died nearby recently (e.g. during a major battle), or if a single powerful human sacrifice is made (e.g. royalty, virgin) -3 +3
If a single humanoid or many animals have died nearby recently (e.g. through sacrifice), or if many humanoids died or are buried here (e.g. graveyard, site of past battle, etc.) -2 +2
If an animal has died nearby recently (e.g. through sacrifice) or in an area where animal life is rare (e.g. desert, tundra, etc.) -1 +1
Normal +0 +0
In an area occupied by many animals (e.g. jungle, amongst a herd of animals, etc.) +1 -1
If an animal has been born nearby recently or in an area occupied by many humanoids (e.g. a bustling city marketplace) +2 -2
If a humanoid has been born nearby recently +3 -3

The referee should use his/her discretion to decide how to interpret nearby and recently in this context. As a guideline, this might mean within 100 metres for a minute, and within 5 metres for an hour, etc.