2.33 Magic - Life skill

Governing characteristics: WP

Represents: The skill of casting magical spells and rituals based on the element of life (e.g. healing, blessing, white magic). Life magic can be used to cast a variety of different magical effects, and is the best magical skill for casting healing enchantments. Only a character with active magic talent may cast magic. A character without active magic talent may still learn this skill, but will only be able to use it for sensing magic and judging another's magical skill score.

Broad specialisms:

Narrow specialisms:

Use with the following characteristics in dice rolls covering:

Characteristic Use skill with this characteristic in dice rolls covering
PE Sensing Life magic
Judging another's Magic - Life skill score
Casting detection magic (Detect life)
Casting sight magic (Aura vision)
WP Casting attack magic (Sleep)
Casting entanglement enchantments (Paralysis)
Casting healing magic (Healing)
Casting telepathy magic (Speak with animals)
Casting suggestion magic (Control animals)
Casting disorientation magic (Blindness)
Casting transformation magic (Become animal)
Casting life support magic (Suspend animation)
IQ Casting enhancement magic (Life magic enhancement)
Casting suppression magic (Death/life countermagic)
Casting characteristic boosting/draining magic (Vigour)