4.3.3 Modifiers for investing items

When investing items, the caster receives modifiers to the casting dice roll based on the item into which the enchantment is being focused.

Metallic objects

There is a modifier to the casting dice roll based on the metal out of which the item is made, which varies from -2 (for magic-resistant metals) to +4 (for magic-sensitive metals).

Precious stones and gems

If the item into which the enchantment is being focused has a precious stone or gem in it, and that stone has a magical association with the enchantment's magical skill and/or nature of enchantment, there is a modifier to the casting dice roll based on the size, nature and magical properties of the precious stone or gem, as follows:

Type of stone Modifier
Ornamental +1
Semi-precious +2
Precious +3
Gemstone +4
Size of stone Modifier
Tiny +0
Small +1
Large +2
Enormous +3
Magical association Modifier
Associated with broad magical skill used in enchantment (e.g. Fire magic) +0
Associated with specific nature of magical effect (e.g. detection) +1
Associated with both magical skill and nature of magical effect (e.g. detecting fire) +2


The caster can claim both the modifier for the metal out of which the jewelry is made and the precious stone inset in it. If there are multiple metals or stones, the best metal and best stone are used.

Multiple enchantments invested

There is no limit on the number of enchantments that can be invested in a single item. However, if more than one enchantment is invested into a single item, there is a penalty on every investment enchantment (after the first) of -1 per existing investment already in the item. For example, if a magician tries to ward an item that already has two enchantments invested in it, there is a penalty of -2 on the casting dice roll.

Creating multiple items in one session

Normally, the full enchantment will be invested into a single item. The caster may instead choose to enchant a number of identical items at the same time (e.g. create 6 magic arrows rather than just one). If successful, each item will be invested with the full enchantment. There is a penalty on the casting dice roll based on the number of items invested at once, as follows:

Number of items invested at once Modifier on casting dice roll
Single item +0
2 items -1
3 items -1 1/2
4 items -2
6 items -2 1/2
8 items -3
12 items -3 1/2
16 items -4
24 items -4 1/2
32 items -5
etc. etc.