Disposition of characters in a battle

When a character takes part in a battle, the character's disposition within his/her unit affects his chance of seeing action during the battle, and hence his/her chance of gaining glory and his/her chance of being wounded. For example, a character who is in the front line of combat is more likely to gain glory and more likely to be wounded or killed than a character who is protected at the rear of the unit.

There are four levels of disposition as follows:

Disposition Modifier to Battle glory dice roll Modifier to Battle survival dice roll
Heroic (e.g. charging ahead of the rest of his/her unit when engaging the enemy, protecting others during a rout) +6 -6
Vanguard (e.g. in the front line of the unit) +2 -3
Main body (e.g. in the middle of the unit) -2 +0
Protected (e.g. surrounded by troops who will sacrifice themselves to defend the character) -6 +3

A character's disposition in battle is normally determined by the commander of his/her unit. However, the character can, if he/she makes a good enough Battle tactics dice roll, modify his/her disposition.