Achieving glory in a battle

On any battle turn in which a character is engaged in melee combat, the character must make a dice roll using his/her relevant weapon skill (e.g. Melee, Polearm, etc.) + CO.

The result of this Battle glory dice roll determines how successful the character has been in the combat, in terms of impressing his/her comrades with his/her martial prowess, as follows:

Battle glory dice roll result Impact
15 or more Character's performance in the combat is spectacular - the character achieves a major feat that his/her comrades will talk about long after the battle (e.g. killing an enemy captain in a spectacular show of bravery, etc.). The event should be recorded on the character's history, and the character receives a major feat experience award of 1/2 eps. The character may also develop a reputation amongst the combatants as a result of this feat.
8-14 Character's performance in the combat is impressive - the character demonstrates his/her martial prowess and gains the respect of his/her comrades in arms. If this happens consistently during a battle, the character may develop a reputation for his/her skill in battle.
1-7 Character's performance in the combat is average - the character does not distinguish him/herself - a quiet battle turn, perhaps. Still, at least, he/she hasn't disgraced him/herself either.
Zero or below Character's performance in the combat is disappointing - the character fails to shoulder his/her share of the combat burden. Should this happen consistently during a battle, his/her comrades in arms will start to look down on the character, and he/she may develop a reputation for incompetence or cowardice in battle.

There are a number of modifiers to the Battle glory dice roll as follows: