2.36 Magic - Stasis skill

Governing characteristics: WP

Represents: The skill of casting magical spells and rituals based on self-control and resistance to external influences. Stasis magic can be used to cast a variety of different magical effects, and is the best magical skill for casting resistance enchantments. A key limitation of stasis magic is that, because stasis magic represents self-control, enchantments cast using stasis magic may only affect the caster (and so may never be placed into magical items, for example). Only a character with active magic talent may cast magic. A character without active magic talent may still learn this skill, but will only be able to use it for sensing magic and judging another's magical skill score.

Broad specialisms:

Narrow specialisms:

Use with the following characteristics in dice rolls covering:

Characteristic Use skill with this characteristic in dice rolls covering
PE Sensing Stasis magic
Judging another's Magic - Stasis skill score
Casting detection magic (Detect stasis)
Casting retrocognition magic (Mystic visions)
WP Casting resistance magic (Self protection)
Casting healing magic (Self healing)
Casting transformation magic (Self-transformation)
Casting movement magic (Desolidification)
Casting life support magic (Life support)
IQ Casting enhancement magic (Stasis magic enchancement)
Casting suppression magic (Projection/stasis countermagic)
Casting characteristic boosting/draining magic (Self boosting)